Cassovia Poetry 2011

The international poetry festival Poezia Cassovia is taking place on September 26 - 29, 2011 at Kasárne/Kulturpark and the Biograf film society building in Košice, and it will welcome 18 European poets from 11 countries, with their works translated into Slovak. Poetry evenings will overlap with poetic films and concerts. The stars of this year's festival will be the American poet Catherine Bowman, French authors Christophe Manon and Claude Favre, but also the Polish band Zastępcze Towary. The entry to all events at Kasárne/Kulturpark is free.

From Monday to Thursday, the Eastern metropolis will gain a new label – the city of poetry.
It is during these days that the city will witness an international poetry festival titled Cassovia Poetry 2011.

The festival will present the works of 18 poets from 11 countries in Slovak translation.

The biggest stars of the event will be the American poet Catherine Bowman, the Irishman Gabriel Rosenstock and other authors from France, Poland or Hungary. The Slovak authors will be represented by Marián Andričík or Mária Ferenčuhová.

Our poetry-thirsty visitors can come see them accompanied by visuals and music either to the barracks-turned-culture-center Kasárne/Kulturpark or to the Biograf film society building.

The festival will also host performances by musical acts whose work is characterized by a poetic outlook on both life and the world. Those include Vrbovskí víťazi, Abusus, or the Polish band Towary Zastepcze.