About us

  • Ars Poetica is a civic association.
  • True to its name, Ars Poetica aims to spread, cultivate and develop poetry and to think of it as an eternally young medium in which the past meets the future, the geniuses of the past with the citizens of the present and the unborn children of the future. / li>
  • Ars Poetica publishes poetry - both Slovak and world - but also works of literary criticism and philosophy.
  • Ars Poetica has been organizing an internationally established poetry festival of the same name every year since 2003.
  • Poetics inspires thinking about contemporary poetry not only in Slovakia but also in a broader international context.
  • Ars Poetica initiated the creation of the international platform European Poetry Forum, which aims to map contemporary poetics and forms, but also the traditions of European and world poetry.
  • Ars Poetica is part of the Versopolis platform, which is the only European poetry platform supported by the European Union.
  • Ars Poetica seeks to unite and integrate the poetry present in several artistic genres and disciplines.
  • The aim of the Ars Poetica association is to deepen the awareness of the natural relationship between life and creation, society and the creator, artistic and social phenomena.
  • Ars Poetica believes that poetry is the word for an almost elusive energy that opens the dimensions of life to all generations, from kindergarteners to teenagers to people with lifelong experience.
  • Ars Poetica believes in the natural right to poetry for everyone, and that is why many of its activities are non-profit, resp. free of charge.