Ohlasy na Festival Ars Poetica 2018

Carmien Michels, Olivier Brossard, Mila Haugová, Risto Ahti, Lukasz Jarosz, Pietro Cagni ...

Ďakujeme :)

Dear Ars Poetica,

My best wishes for 2019! It was an honour and a delight to participate at your festival.
The atmosphere was great. Your team was very kind, helpful, efficient, generous and welcoming. In general I had the feeling that the Slovak/Slovenský people were hospitable and also very warm whenever a tourist made an attempt to learn about the language or culture. I liked about Bratislava that it was not spoiled/overwhelmed by tourists and that there was still room for craftmanship and a strong specific local character. Ofcourse it is very remarkable that so many people are called after Saint Martin/svätého Martina :)

I enjoyed the readings, the performances, the concentration of the audience and the band that played on Saturday Night. I was very happy with what the actress and I could do together on stage. I really liked the venue where the festival went to on Friday and Saturday. I preferred the discussion of Friday as it focused on the different viewpoints of the diverse poets. The reading/discussion in group on Saturday was interesting as well, but less my cup of tea because it was less collaborative.

In general: I loved your brandy, your poetry, your parties, your people, your company. I would love to come back one day!
Unfortunately I have only some shabby photos from my time in Bratislava. Where can I find the photos you have taken during the shows?

Lots of hugs, keep up the good work, best regards,
Carmien Michels


Dear Martin, Dear Martina, Dear Tina, Dear Sandra, Dear Ars Poetica festival team,

I wanted to thank you so much for putting together such a wonderful
festival and creating such a great, heart-warming and thought-provoking
environment. Thank you, also (and I know what I'm talking about as I also
organize festivals and symposiums myself) for such impeccable organization.

At the risk of repeating myself, I would like to say how well & at home I
felt in Bratislava. I'm hoping to come back as a "tourist" to spend time in
your great city.

And, in the meantime, if you come to my Parisian neck of the woods, please
do let me know. It will be great to see you again.

My details are below,

Amitiés, et merci,

Olivier Brossard, Mila Haugová


Na koncerte som mala vrcholný kultúrny zážitok roka---je to geniálne CD aj hudba aj slová aj nápad!

Mila Haugová


I still wear the button on my jacket and Ieft a big part of my heart to Bratislava!
The meeting and festival was excellent and warm, one of the very best I have visited.
The only sad part was that I could not understand most of the poems read as my knowledge
on languages is restricted.
We met some very nice colleagues and Slovaks. One had Your name.
Say hello to Martin and Zuzana and thank them fo me.
I will be in touch

Risto Ahti


Było bardzo fajnie, bardzo piękne miasto i bardzo smaczne piwo.
Lukasz Jarosz


Dear Ars Poetica,
I would like to give you my impressions from the festival. Since I travelled a bit in Italy for readings, conferences and competitions, that was my first experience abroad. I think we agree about the beautiful possibility of knowing poets from all over the world, taking advantage of every single minute to discuss about poetry and writing. Your organization was impeccable (the people who work with you are amazing), and I had the clear perception that all I had to do it was to be truly engaged with the people and the events. I was almost moved by the translations during the readings.
It was really a pleasure to be part of this great festival.
Pietro Cagni

Ars Poetica 2018
Ars Poetica 2018