The Anthology of Butterflies Was Published

27th June 2016, Bogota, Columbia
An official presentation of the anthology of the poetry of Latin American and Slavonic writers – Anthology of Butterflies (Antología para la mariposa) was held at the International poetry festival in Bogota, Columbia. The editors of the international project are the Slovak-Bulgarian poetess Dimana Ivanová and the Columbian poet Robert Max Steenkist. The anthology is trilingual –besides the original languages, the poems are also published in English and Spanish.

Anthology of Butterflies

The Anthology of Butterflies will soon be presented at the following international poetry festivals: Internacional de Poesia de Medellín, PoeMaRio in Barranquilla, Encuentro Internacional Poesia Universidad de Carabobo, Las Lineas de su mano, and others.

Invitation to the book presentation in Bogota, July 28, 2016



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